Helen Flanagan's Rosie Wants A Boob Job

Helen Flanagan boob jobStrewth! Helen Flanagan to have a boob job? Not exactly but that is what Rosie Webster wants in Coronation Street - and Helen is Rosie.

It seems that Rosie wants to be a glamour and promotions girl so feels that a larger cleavage may well help her along her career path.

Rosie is so keen that she's even willing to sell her beloved car to pay for her enhancement. That is, until the agency boss tells her that he'll cough up the money - and in return ... well, lets leave that to the imagination.

While this is all going on Rosie's Mum, Sally, has to tell her family that she has breast cancer and needs a lumpectomy. So a bit of a controversial story line coming up for Helen in the New Year.

Helen Flanagan Pics.


kidstallion said...

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audrey said...

I reckon she has already had a boob job! she admits that she didn't really have much in that department when she was younger.