Helen Flanagan To Miss Out On Free Food

Helen Flanagan and Tupele DorguWhat a fuss! Coronation Street actors are said to be furious that the catering van, which dishes out free food to them, will disappear as from Friday.

The likes of Helen Flanagan will have to go to Granada's canteen instead and - gasp! - will have to queue up and buy their own food!

It is said that, "The whole cast are up in arms — they’re absolutely furious."

Personally I have only one word to say about that - tough!

Sometimes soap actors need a dose of reality - even the lovely Helen! That's her with Tupele Dorgu at the free nosh catering van.

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Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster Isn't Pregnant

Rosie Webster
Helen Flanagan as Rosie Webster
Coronation Street's Kevin and Sally Webster get it all wrong when they find a used pregnancy test kit. They obviously fear the worst and assume it must be wayward daughter, Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster character, who's been careless.

But no, they are wrong. Rosie tells them, "I know I get blamed for everything around here, but you have two daughters and this has nothing to do with me."

The question is: Is 14 year old Sophie Webster pregnant? Or maybe it's a cry for attention.

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2009 Helen Flanagan Calendar

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan calendar
The Coronation Street 2009 calendar featuring Helen Flanagan is now available: Helen Flanagan 2009 Calendar


Helen Flanagan Party Cleavage

Helen Flanagan Cleavage
Helen Flanagan cleavage
There was a party at Tiger Tiger for the Coronation Street Out Of Africa DVD special. The DVD is available from November 10th but all we want to really say is that Helen Flanagan wore a sensational dress to the party!

Helen spent a lot of the time wrestling with the top of the plum coloured dress to keep her cleavage and modesty under control.

As for the DVD, Corrie fans can get this at a 40% discount on the following link: Coronation Street - Out Of Africa [2008]


Rosie Webster And The Big Escape

Rosie WebsterIt's been a bit of a silly story on Coronation Street about Helen Flanagan's character Rosie Webster. But at last the girl actually does something to try and escape.

There is a two parter on television tonight and it's Fiz to the rescue. So John Stape hasn't been feeding the cat he's been feeding Rosie.

Anyway, tonight Helen as Rosie arms herself with a baseball bat and ... well you'll have to see, but it's all pretty obvious.

At least we should be able to see a more glamorous Helen Flanagan again soon. At least that's something to look forward to.

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Helen Flanagan To Play A Right Slut

Helen Flanagan
at National Television Awards
Helen Flanagan National Television Awards
Helen Flanagan had a special hairstyle for Wednesday's National Television Awards and looked amazing as she trod the red carpet. Unfortunately she didn't get to show it off properly on stage as Coronation Street missed out on winning an award.

Helen, however, explained that her Coronation Street character, Rosie Webster, is getting a bit obsessed while being held hostage. That's obsessed with sex!

Helen explained, "Rosie was always feisty but this has made her skin a bit thicker and there will be hell to pay later on. Rosie is a right minx and that side of her is going to come out even more. Honestly, Rosie turns into a right slut!"

What a shame!

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Helen Flanagan Says her Boobs Aren't Fake

Helen Flanagan Sexy Eyes
Helen Flanagan sexy eyes
Helen Flanagan reckons that girls grope her boobs when she's on a night out. She said, "They all bark at me that they are fake. The truth is they are all natural. Yes, I am big, but so what."

So what indeed!

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Helen Flanagan Finds It Liberating To take Her Clothes Off

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan has been talking about that Coronation Street underwear / corset scene and reckons it was 'very liberating'.

Her words were, "I'm an actress so I just decided to get on with it, I wasn't nervous. It was actually really liberating to film those scenes and it was boiling on the day so it was nice not to have to wear very much."

The question a lot of her male admirers will no doubt be asking is whether she is likely to have any more liberating moments, say in one of those men's mags. It looks like they will be disappointed!

Helen said, "I've only just turned 18, and I always said I would wait to do things like that. Plus I would have to see what my boyfriend thought of it!"

It seems that boyfriend Daniel Scott wouldn't approve. But you never know what the writers of Coronation Street might be thinking.

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Helen Flanagan Gets Dirty In The Attic

Rosie Webster locked in atticCoronation Street fans have been wondering what on earth has happened to Helen Flanagan's character Rosie Webster. Where has she gone?

The truth will start to unravel this week as Rosie is seen on screen again.

No, not in a figure hugging corset this time, but looking a bit of a mess. There she is with no make-up (hopefully Helen didn't get too severe withdrawal symptoms), all lonely and hungry. Ahhh!

But who locked her in the attic? Guess it doesn't take too much working out.

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Helen Flanagan Gets To Keep Cleavage Corset

Helen Flanagan corsetI should think that everyone has now seen the photos of Helen Flanagan in 'that' bedroom scene on Coronation Street. They certainly accentuated her assets, see photo here.

It seems that the corset came from Agent Provocateur.

Helen said, "It was dead expensive. I asked the team who would be wearing it again in my size - Blanche? So they said I could keep it."

Boyfriend Danny Scott must be delighted!

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Sexy Helen Flanagan Cleavage And Lingerie Photos

Helen Flanagan Lingerie Cleavage Photos

Helen Flanagan sexy hotel cleavage
She's exhausted - Helen Flanagan that is. It's those storylines that she is involved with on Coronation Street. It must be strenuous for Helen being in her underwear as in the photos above!

Helen said, "Doing these storylines has been exhausting, but at the same time, it's exciting. I feel so lucky to have such amazing plots. I get home absolutely shattered but my boyfriend Danny Scott, who I have been dating for four months, is so sweet. He watches Coronation Street and says things like, 'You were amazing!' He is really proud of me."

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Helen Flanagan Says She Doesn't Want To be Known For Her Boobs

Helen Flanagan Sunday MirrorWhat on earth has the Mirror done to Helen Flanagan? Yes, that is her photo on the left.

The Mirror did a fashion shoot with Helen supposedly wearing this seasons hottest looks - and this is one of the photos, the rest you can see here.

Helen told the Mirror,
"I like to look sexy, but not tarty. I’ve learnt that less is more. Luckily, I do pretty well as Rosie – she’s a glamorous girl, kind of a sassy secretary, so it’s all pencil skirts, which I love, and a lot of low-cut tops.

I don’t want people looking at my boobs or want to be known for my boobs, but Corrie is a family show, so thankfully they never go too far with it. And I’m so chuffed Rosie’s goth stage is over, because that went on forever."

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Helen Flanagan Crying And Undressed

Rosie Webster cryingFollowing the scenes with John Stape, where Rosie Webster is seen crying in the back of his taxi after her kidnap - if you can call it that - there will be lots more of Helen Flanagan on show in the coming week - in more ways than one.

Helen Flanagan in the hotel bedroomOn Friday Tony follows Rosie, i.e. Helen Flanagan, to a hotel room and finds her 'semi naked' lying on the bed.

Her services are declined and Rosie is humiliated. But she still has one more card to play - her mobile phone photos of Carla with Liam.

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Helen Flanagan Would Like To be A Barmaid

Helen Flanagan sexy cleavageDigital Spy has quite a long interview with Helen Flanagan in which she says that she would love to become a barmaid at the Rovers. Helen said,
"I've had quite a few scenes in The Rovers lately and that's been fantastic, but I'm definitely looking forward to more. It'd be great if Rosie had her first drink thrown over her and I'd love for Rosie to be a Corrie barmaid. I don't know if the producers will ever go down that route, but it'd be amazing if they did."

Helen also talked about the sexy hotel scenes coming to Corrie soon where she's seen just wearing underwear and she was asked her reaction to doing this:
"It didn't bother me to be honest. I'm quite comfortable about my body. And with the show going out at 7.30, we have to be quite careful and make sure everything's thought through because children might be watching, so I knew it wasn't going to be too risqué."

As the screen capture photo shows Rosie Webster would be great in the Rovers, just imagine the trouble she could cause with the right story line. Plus this would be a good opportunity to show off her cleavage - or is that too much of a stereotype!

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Helen Flanagan's New Corrie Boyfriend

Junade KhanThe photo on the right isn't Helen Flanagan in disguise.

This is Junade Khan who we hear is to be a young man in the life of Rosie Webster while she is on holiday in Coronation Street.

Don't have any more details than this at the moment.

Helen Flanagan cleavageJunade is 20, 5'9" tall and weighs in at 11st. He has black hair and eyes and is of slim build.

He's been in Waking The Dead on television and also done theatre work. He's also set to be in Hollyoaks as well as Corrie. Could be a name to watch.

Hopefully this will bring out the best in Helen.

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Helen Flanagan Will Do Anything!

Helen Flanagan stockings picHelen Flanagan pleads, "I'm begging you. I'll do anything for you and promise not to tell anyone what you've done."

No it's not some fantasy! It's what Helen, in her part as Coronation Street's Rosie Webster, supposedly says to John Stape when he holds her hostage at his gran's house.

Rosie makes a bid for freedom when Snape opens the door to give her food and water.

It will be nice to see Helen get her teeth into a decent storyline again.

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Helen Flanagan Top Ten Photo Gallery

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan cleavage
Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan 2006

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan low cut dress

Rosie Webster

Helen Flanagan big cleavageHelen Flanagan glamour poseHelen Flanagan

A selection of photos of the different faces and cleavage of Helen Flanagan, in and out of her role as Coronation Street's Rosie Webster.

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Weird Requests To Sleep Where Helen Flanagan Filmed

Helen Flanagan and Michelle Keegan
Helen Flanagan with Michelle Keegan
Midland Hotel ManchesterHelen Flanagan thinks 'it's a bit weird,' and I guess it is.

As Helen Flanagan and Coronation Street fans no doubt know, some scenes for the character Rosie Webster were filmed recently at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Because of this the hotel are getting calls, wanting to book the room that Helen used, for a night's stopover. And that's what she thinks of as being weird.

Of course the reality is that this sort of thing happens all of the time. Movie buffs, and the like, want to see where their favourite scenes were filmed. With Helen though, I suppose this may possibly also have some sexual connotations!

For those so inclined the Midland Hotel website is here!

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Helen Flanagan Meets 12 Year Old Charity Fund Raiser

Helen Flanagan cleavage picHelen Flanagan met Kirsty Howard a 12 year old girl who was given just six weeks to live back in 1999 because of a rare heart condition.

Kirsty, however, has defied the doctors predictions and has also help raise an unbelievable £5 million to secure the future of the childrens' hospice which is a second home to her.

Kirsty is 13 this month and had an early treat when she met her favourite Coronation Street stars Helen Flanagan and Samia Smith on the soap's set in Manchester.

She had previously asked to have her hair cut like Rosie Webster and was able to show this off outside of Audrey's hair salon.

To help support Kirtsy and the hospice Francis House please go to The Kirsty Club for more information - thank you.


Helen Flanagan Sexy and Sultry Photo

Helen Flanagan Photo from Coronation Street
A busty looking Helen Flanagan
Haven't really any new news about Helen Flanagan so thought I'd better at least publish another photo of her looking sexy and sultry.

40 Years Of Coronation Street and other Coronation Street books.


Helen Flanagan All Loved Up With Daniel Scott

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has admitted that her footballer romance was all a bit of a red herring.

She's really loved up with 21 year old builder Daniel Scott.

Helen said, "We've been together about three months and we are taking it slowly, but no, we have no plans to get married." Is that a double negative?

The couple met at a local gym in Bolton.

She said, "For a while I was at the gym all the time just so I could see him. We actually saw each other first in the sauna and I remember thinking, 'He's well hot.'"

Coronation Street Star Photos & Posters

Helen Flanagan Official Framed Print
Helen Flanagan Poster


Graeme Hawley Bans Mention Of Helen Flanagan At His Wedding

Helen FlanaganGraeme Hawley, who plays John Stape, in Coronation Street is getting married in September to actress Elaine Byrne.

Graeme has banned his best man from making any jokes about the controversial story-lines that he has been in, including his character's illicit affair with pupil Rosie Webster played, of course, by Helen Flanagan.

Graeme told the Daily Record, "I can't say I'm looking forward to the best man's speech. He has along list of things he's not allowed to talk about. But I'm sure there will be something about the Rosie storyline. I'll have to grin and bear it."

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Helen Flanagan's Rosie Rebutted & Trouble Follows

Helen Flanagan kissedAs we said yesterday Helen Flanagan, in the role of Rosie Webster, tries to get Tony Gordon (Gray O’Brien) between the sheets, so to speak. More action will follow this as Rosie storms out after being rebutted and leaves her mobile phone behind.

Coronation Street's Tony looks through the phone and sees photos of Carla Connor with Liam kissing and he's none too pleased - which is probably an understatement. So Tony plots their downfall ...

You'll have to watch Corrie to see what happens.

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Helen Flanagan To Strip To Underwear On Corrie

Helen FlanaganIt looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more of Helen Flanagan next month - flesh wise that is!

The producers want to 'sex up Coronation Street' and one of their weapons is Helen. So we shall be seeing her in just her bra and knickers as Rosie Webster strips to try and tempt Tony Gordon away from Carla Connor.

A Coronation Street source told the Sun, "Since Tina O'Brien left we've been short of a really beautiful young star. Now Helen's grown up, she fits the bill perfectly."

He continued, "Rosie's a great character as she's sexy and sassy and completely ruthless. She's going to be one of Corrie's greatest femme fatales."

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The Helen Flanagan Way To Happiness

Helen Flanagan happinessSo what is the Helen Flanagan formula for happiness?

Quite simple really, this is what she said:

"The key to happiness is to surround yourself with your family. They boost your confidence, make you feel secure and are there for you when things go wrong. I'd feel lost without them."

It's difficult to argue with that - dependent on what sort of family you actually have of course!

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Helen Flanagan's Red Pearl Dress Video

We've seen in a couple of posts recently photos of Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester. It seems that one of the places she shops is the Vicky Martin fashion boutique at The Triangle, Manchester.

The video below is with thanks from the Manchester Evening News and is a tour of the Vicky Martin Boutique.

As you will see and hear there is a red pearl dress (£165) shown as worn by Helen.

Other shoppers at the boutique include: Kym Ryder also of Coronation Street and Roxanne Pallet of Emmerdale.


Helen Flanagan's Beauty Secrets

Helen FlanaganSo what is Helen Flanagan's favourite perfume?

Helen told Fabulous magazine, "I love the Cacharel perfume Amor Amor. The smell reminds me of boys, house parties and being at school when everyone wore it."

She said about her hair:

"My naturally curly hair is damaged from using hair straighters and dyeing it black for the part of Rosie Webster. I use Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment which helps repair and re-moisturise it. It's a miracle worker."

And finally Helen's skin:

"I used to have severe acne. My doctor prescribed Accutane tablets and now my skin is completely clear. I love md formulations Facial Cleanser because I never get a spot when I use it."