Helen Flanagan Sexy and Sultry Photo

Helen Flanagan Photo from Coronation Street
A busty looking Helen Flanagan
Haven't really any new news about Helen Flanagan so thought I'd better at least publish another photo of her looking sexy and sultry.

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Helen Flanagan All Loved Up With Daniel Scott

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has admitted that her footballer romance was all a bit of a red herring.

She's really loved up with 21 year old builder Daniel Scott.

Helen said, "We've been together about three months and we are taking it slowly, but no, we have no plans to get married." Is that a double negative?

The couple met at a local gym in Bolton.

She said, "For a while I was at the gym all the time just so I could see him. We actually saw each other first in the sauna and I remember thinking, 'He's well hot.'"

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Graeme Hawley Bans Mention Of Helen Flanagan At His Wedding

Helen FlanaganGraeme Hawley, who plays John Stape, in Coronation Street is getting married in September to actress Elaine Byrne.

Graeme has banned his best man from making any jokes about the controversial story-lines that he has been in, including his character's illicit affair with pupil Rosie Webster played, of course, by Helen Flanagan.

Graeme told the Daily Record, "I can't say I'm looking forward to the best man's speech. He has along list of things he's not allowed to talk about. But I'm sure there will be something about the Rosie storyline. I'll have to grin and bear it."

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Helen Flanagan's Rosie Rebutted & Trouble Follows

Helen Flanagan kissedAs we said yesterday Helen Flanagan, in the role of Rosie Webster, tries to get Tony Gordon (Gray O’Brien) between the sheets, so to speak. More action will follow this as Rosie storms out after being rebutted and leaves her mobile phone behind.

Coronation Street's Tony looks through the phone and sees photos of Carla Connor with Liam kissing and he's none too pleased - which is probably an understatement. So Tony plots their downfall ...

You'll have to watch Corrie to see what happens.

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Helen Flanagan To Strip To Underwear On Corrie

Helen FlanaganIt looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more of Helen Flanagan next month - flesh wise that is!

The producers want to 'sex up Coronation Street' and one of their weapons is Helen. So we shall be seeing her in just her bra and knickers as Rosie Webster strips to try and tempt Tony Gordon away from Carla Connor.

A Coronation Street source told the Sun, "Since Tina O'Brien left we've been short of a really beautiful young star. Now Helen's grown up, she fits the bill perfectly."

He continued, "Rosie's a great character as she's sexy and sassy and completely ruthless. She's going to be one of Corrie's greatest femme fatales."

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The Helen Flanagan Way To Happiness

Helen Flanagan happinessSo what is the Helen Flanagan formula for happiness?

Quite simple really, this is what she said:

"The key to happiness is to surround yourself with your family. They boost your confidence, make you feel secure and are there for you when things go wrong. I'd feel lost without them."

It's difficult to argue with that - dependent on what sort of family you actually have of course!

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Helen Flanagan's Red Pearl Dress Video

We've seen in a couple of posts recently photos of Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester. It seems that one of the places she shops is the Vicky Martin fashion boutique at The Triangle, Manchester.

The video below is with thanks from the Manchester Evening News and is a tour of the Vicky Martin Boutique.

As you will see and hear there is a red pearl dress (£165) shown as worn by Helen.

Other shoppers at the boutique include: Kym Ryder also of Coronation Street and Roxanne Pallet of Emmerdale.


Helen Flanagan's Beauty Secrets

Helen FlanaganSo what is Helen Flanagan's favourite perfume?

Helen told Fabulous magazine, "I love the Cacharel perfume Amor Amor. The smell reminds me of boys, house parties and being at school when everyone wore it."

She said about her hair:

"My naturally curly hair is damaged from using hair straighters and dyeing it black for the part of Rosie Webster. I use Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment which helps repair and re-moisturise it. It's a miracle worker."

And finally Helen's skin:

"I used to have severe acne. My doctor prescribed Accutane tablets and now my skin is completely clear. I love md formulations Facial Cleanser because I never get a spot when I use it."


Helen Flanagan Shopping In A Short Skirt

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester
It's a similar style photo to yesterday which has been sent to me. It's Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester again.

Judging from this, and the last photo, it looks like she's switched emphasis from cleavage to legs!

Professionally stretched canvas print of Helen Flanagan filming Coronation Street. Photo by Mark Campbell / Rex Features.


Helen Flanagan Photo: Shopping This Week

Helen Flanagan Shopping
Helen Flanagan shopping
A happy looking Helen Flanagan spotted this week shopping in Manchester City centre. Guess who shops at Boots? Photo: WENN.

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Helen Flanagan 12th Sexiest Soap Star

Helen Flanagan 12th Sexiest Soap Star
Helen Flanagan
I'm not too sure how such things are arrived at without voting but, anyway, a list of the 100 Sexiest Soap Stars has been arrived at by Soaplife magazine. You can see the full list - with photos - at

Looking through the list, it's been a slow day, I see that at number 12 is, yes you've guessed, Helen Flanagan so a round of applause please. Number one incidentally went to Michelle Connor / Kym Marsh.

It's strange that the sexiest seem to be the more current crop of UK soap stars but that's how these sort of lists usually go. Completely meaningless of course!

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Helen Flanagan's Snogging Leads To trouble

Helen Flanagan kissingRosie Webster kissIs this the moment that sends John Snape over the top as he sees Rosie Webster kissing outside of a nighclub? Is the green eyed monster aroused?

What happens next is soemwhat secret. It's been said that Helen Flanagan's character Rosie is kidnapped, whereas other reports say simply that Graeme Hawley's John pushes her into his taxi and delivers her home.

The Sun newspaper, for example, reports it this way: "Snape grabs Rosie and pushes her into his cab before whisking her back home - but she is upset by his behaviour, especially as she was simply getting close to her new beau Saj"

Like a lot of things, the truth is out there and, being a soap, it'll all come out in the wash.
John Snape bundles Rosie Webster into his taxi
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Who Is Helen Flanagan's Favourite Man?

Micah Richardshelen FlanaganIt's all a little confusing as to the truth about Helen Flanagan's love life, there are a few red herrings being bandied about.

Her favourite man appears to be the Manchester City footballer Micah Richards who, the Sun claims, she has been dating for about six months. She has been seen at the soccer player's luxury Cheshire home but ...

... she has been caught out supposedly 'passionately snogging' Adam Thomas from Waterloo Road, who is the brother of Corrie's Ryan Thomas but ...

... she is quoted as telling The People about a builder called Daniel Scott. She said of him, "It's hard to explain, but since he has been in my life, it's been the best times for me. And of course, he's really really hot as well." but ...

... she's denying anything to do with Micah Richards - which is where we started. Does she protest too much?

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Helen Flanagan Contact

Helen FlanaganIn answer to an enquiry: If you want to contact Helen Flanagan probably the best address to use is the following:

Helen Flanagan
c/o Coronation Street
Granada TV
Quay Street
Manchester M60 9EA

As with contacting any celebrity don't expect a quick reply, often this can take two to three months. Always enclose return postage or a pre-paid envelope.

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A Sexy But Sophisticated Helen Flanagan Photo

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan cleavage
Photo today from a Helen Flanagan photoshoot, and away from Coronation, looking a lot more grown up and even sophisticated.

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Helen Flanagan Photos From Her Dressing Room

Helen Flanagan pictures from Helen Flanagan's Coronation Street dressing room.

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Helen Flanagan pictures
Helen Flanagan dressing room
Helen Flanagan boobs
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