Photo Of Helen Flanagan In Her Bra

Helen Flanagan bra and cleavage
Helen Flanagan reckons she won't talk about her love life in the future. She came to this conclusion following her break up with Daniel Scott earlier this year. Helen said, "Even if I did meet someone, I would keep it to myself now - I feel it was a bit of a mistake to talk about it last time, you need to keep something back."

As for her future life Helen commented, "I'm really happy, but maybe I would like to be a bit more settled. Settling down with someone is lovely, so long as you keep your independence."

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Helen Flanagan Topless Photo

Helen Flanagan topless photo
Helen Flanagan squeezes her boobs
Helen Flanagan big cleavage
So Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster wants to become a glamour model.

The top photo shows Helen Flanagan topless, following a glamour shoot, then comes Rosie Webster's cleavage and finally Helen / Rosie squeezes her boobs together for a maximum cleavage display. No wonder Coronation Street is now getting more male viewers!

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Helen Flanagan - The New Jordan!

Helen Flanagan cleavage
So it appears that Helen Flanagan's character, Rosie Webster, wants to be Coronation Street's Jordan / Katie Price! And this will (perhaps) be her new look.


Talk To Helen Flanagan's Boobs

Helen Flanagan has been talking about her boobs - yes really, and she loves men talking to her cleavage! Well this is what she actually said:

"I'm really proud of my boobs. I never had boobs when I was young, so I'm grateful I've got a voluptuous chest now. It has a lot of power! Guys always talk to my chest, but I find it quite endearing."

Helen also mentioned how sexy she's feeling recently, "Since I split with my boyfriend I'm having fun, feeling sexier than ever, and planning on a flirty Christmas!"

So there you go, plus she's looking for 'The One'. So if you happen to be in Manchester you never know your luck, or who/what you might end up talking to!

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Helen Flanagan Is A Good Girl

Helen Flanagan party girl
Helen Flanagan admits she likes to party, especially since she seperated from her boyfriend, but she says that she has to be careful about her alcohol intake. Helen said:

"I was drunk at a house party and threw a drink over a friend. I was mortified afterwards and cried my eyes out. I'm a good girl, but that was nasty.

I've only once gone to work with a hangover... never again. Luckily I only had one word to say, but I felt so guilty for being unprofessional."


Helen Flanagan's Rosie Wants A Boob Job

Helen Flanagan boob jobStrewth! Helen Flanagan to have a boob job? Not exactly but that is what Rosie Webster wants in Coronation Street - and Helen is Rosie.

It seems that Rosie wants to be a glamour and promotions girl so feels that a larger cleavage may well help her along her career path.

Rosie is so keen that she's even willing to sell her beloved car to pay for her enhancement. That is, until the agency boss tells her that he'll cough up the money - and in return ... well, lets leave that to the imagination.

While this is all going on Rosie's Mum, Sally, has to tell her family that she has breast cancer and needs a lumpectomy. So a bit of a controversial story line coming up for Helen in the New Year.

Helen Flanagan Pics.

Helen Flanagan Flashes Her Cleavage At The School Disco

Helen Flanagan cleavage and legsHelen Flanagan played the part well as she partied the night away at the School Disco club in London's West End.

She was dressed in a short mini skirt schoolgirl style with an open white shirt and loose tie showing off her impressive cleavage.

She spent much of the time sucking on a lolly and, according to the News of the World, she was even dancing on the table - not exactly the thing to do in a short skirt! But she had fun.

As far as her private life goes, Helen is now said to be dating the Manchester City footballer Reece Wabara.


Pop Helen Flanagan's Cherry

Helen Flanagan cleavage and legsIn a new storyline for Helen Flanagan, in her Coronation Street role of Rosie Webster, she will be flaunting her chest in a boob tube emblazoned with the caption of 'Pop My Cherry'.

Yes, Rosie Webster will be back to her sexy best wearing hot pants and a boob tube as she takes on a job as a roller skating promotions girl for a cherry flavoured vodka.

About the job Rosie tells her father, "It'll be so cool. Some of the places I'm going will be wall to wall with footballers and TV stars. And I'm paid for it."

Kevin, of course, doesn't agree!

As for the photo on this post, not too sure where it originated other than it was sent to me by 'scavenger', so thanks.


Helen Flanagan Wearing A Towel

Helen Flanagan cleavage
A couple of screen shots of Helen Flanagan from Coronation Street: Helen's cleavage and also of her wearing just a towel.

Helen's character Rosie Webster seems to be in a bit of a pickle now that she's just lost £90,000 along with Luke. Even Rosie in a towel didn't make him stay! Hopefully the story line will develop and we'll see more of Helen.

Helen Flanagan wearing a towel
Helen Flanagan Pics.


Helen Flanagan In High Heels, Stockings, Suspenders and Basque

Helen Flanagan cleavage sexy photosScenes from tonight's Coronation Street starring Helen Flanagan have been censored.

Rosie Webster dresses in high heels, stockings, suspenders and a basque to try and entice Luke Strong away from Michelle Connor (played by Kim Walsh). When Rosie sees the couple together she starts to strip to show off what she is wearing and what Luke is missing out on.

Unfortunately the striptease scene has been censored and will not be seen fully on television. All viewers will see is Helen / Rosie walking along the street and then it fades away as she begins to undress.

What does Helen think about the scene? She said, "Rosie is outrageous and such a madam and I love playing her. I get to do things that I would never dare do."

Helen Flanagan, high heels stockings, suspenders, basque
Helen Flanagan Pics.

Helen Flanagan Only Wore Pyjama Tops In Bed

Helen Flanagan perfect boobs, bum and legs'Helen Flanagan's ex boyfriend, Danny Scott, has been telling about how he was besotted with her and her, "... perfect boobs, bum and legs."

He even told bits about their love life:

"We had a great sex life, we were a normal young couple in love. She had a look she would give me with her big blue eyes and I knew I was going to be a very lucky man.

In bed she only wore pyjama tops because we would snuggle up together and she'd get too hot.

I always thought she was sexiest on a morning when she jumped out of bed half-naked and looked amazing."

Danny said they even made love in the kitchen:

"If she was home first I would sometimes find her in the kitchen, cooking for me in her underwear. It was every man's fantasy to find your girlfriend in her bra and pants making you dinner.

We would usually let the food go cold and make love in the kitchen."

Guess nothing is private any more!

Helen Flanagan Pics. Pics and bio of Helen Flanagan and in her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.


Helen Flanagan Splits With Boyfriend

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan has split from boyfriend Daniel Scott about whom she had previously said, "He's the love of my life. It was a bit quick but we're pretty much inseparable now."

Helen hasn't talked of the split or made any comment as yet but Daniel said, "I'm really down about it. We split up a week ago. It was a mutual decision and no one else was involved."

The couple were living together in a flat close to the Coronation Street studios. Helen has been upset while working and is said by a friend to be 'devastated'.

Helen Flanagan Pictures.

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Helen Flanagan To Strip To Underwear

Helen Flanagan cleavageIt seems like we'll be seeing Helen Flanagan in her underwear again as Rosie Webster in Coronation Street.

Reports say her outfit will be even more revealing than 'that' corset she wore to try and seduce Tony.

Rosie will be flashing herself to ex lover Luke, played by the lucky Craig Kelly.

Helen said, "I can't wait but I hope my real boyfriend Daniel understands. Everyone else can look but he's the only one allowed to touch."

Helen Flanagan Pictures. Pics and bio of Helen Flanagan and in her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.

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Helen Flanagan Shoes Off Her Legs In Hotpants And High Heels

Helen Flanagan legs in hot pants
Helen Flanagan shows off her legs when her Coronation Street character, Rosie Webster, cleans her sports car. Wearing hotpants and high heels Helen looks dressed for, er, car cleaning.

Helen Flanagan Pictures.

The Helen Flanagan Thong

Helen Flanagan candid cleavage
There's going to be a thong in Helen Flanagan's life this week. In Coronation Street Rosie Webster has designed a thong and on Thursday Luke at UnderWorld has agreed to produce this. The mind boggles, will Helen be modelling the item?

Helen Flanagan Pics
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Helen Flanagan To Dress In Tiniest Mini Skirt

Helen Flanagan Candid Photo Of Her On The Bed
Helen Flanagan candid photo on bed
At last we'll see a bit more of Helen Flanagan on Coronation Street - in more ways than one.

Her role as Rosie Webster will see her dressed in a short red skirt and a low cut blouse as she goes to meet her previous kindnapper, John Stape, in prison.

Helen says, "I'm going to dress like this because I'm strong and I'm the one that's in control. So anyway, she (Rosie) puts the tiniest little mini skirt on and the highest heels, goes up and shows him who's boss."

John is impressed, well he would be, and tells her he's going to give her £150,000! Could all lead to something interesting.

Helen Flanagan Pictures Lens
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Helen Flanagan Showing Off Her Cleavage

Two photos today for Helen Flanagan cleavage watchers!

Here's Helen in the back of a car wearing a very low cut blue dress, which shown off her cleavage to the maximum.

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Helen Flanagan sexy cleavage picture
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Helen Flanagan At Tupele Dorgu's Wedding

Helen Flanagan was with her boyfriend Daniel Scott over the weekend at Tupele Dorgu's wedding, which was held at Salford Cathedral.

Tupele Dorgu is Kelly Crabtree in Coronation Street - the one with the legs! She married businessman Mark Flanagan. Photo: WENN

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Helen Flanagan All Legs And Stockings At Granada

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan at Granada Studios
Helen Flanagan turning up for work at the Granada Studios in Manchester shwoing a lot of leg. Let's hope they have a few decent Coronation Street story lines for her. Photo: WENN

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Helen Flanagan's Sauna Love

Helen Flanagan cleavageThe chat up line which worked for Danny Scott, Helen Flangan's current love, was, "It was hot in there, wasn't it?" Better add that they were leaving a sauna at the time.

Helen said, "I saw this absolutely gorgeous guy go into the sauna, so I went inside. It was weird. We both knew straight away we were going to be together."

And now they live together, happily ever after, in Bolton.

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Helen Flanagan Sexiest Female Category

Helen Flanagan cleavageIt's time for The British Soap Awards 2009. Or to be more correct it's time to start voting and the results will be shown live on ITV1 in May.

I mention this because nominated in the 'Sexiest Female' category is none other than Helen Flanagan for her role in Coronation Street as Rosie Webster. With that cleavage she should knock them dead in more ways than one.

If you want to vote pop along to the British Soap Awards 2009 website.

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Helen Flanagan Photo

Helen Flanagan
There hasn't been a lot of news recently about Helen Flanagan so I thought we'd at least better post another photo of her.

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At Last It's Helen Flanagan Time Again

Helen Flanagan cleavageAt last Helen Flanagan will be back on Coronation Street next week. Firstly on Monday the John Stape court case begins.

The tension builds on Friday when Rosie's parents open the local rag to find sexy photos of her and her story about her experience at the hands of John Stape. They are ashamed and annoyed that Rosie could cash in on her ordeal.

This is also the time when the pregnancy problem arises which we mentioned back in December here.

Let's hope we now see much more of Helen Flanagan. It's been very quiet about her over the last few weeks.

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