Helen Flanagan Wearing A Towel

Helen Flanagan cleavage
A couple of screen shots of Helen Flanagan from Coronation Street: Helen's cleavage and also of her wearing just a towel.

Helen's character Rosie Webster seems to be in a bit of a pickle now that she's just lost £90,000 along with Luke. Even Rosie in a towel didn't make him stay! Hopefully the story line will develop and we'll see more of Helen.

Helen Flanagan wearing a towel
Helen Flanagan Pics.


Gift Blog said...

Great pics. Thanks.

Sexy Girl said...
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vince1 said...

Damn look at the cleavage in that dress it looks like her pert boobs are going to fall out (if only)

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I don't know what to say, I mean normally you see Helen and you say "yeah she is pretty" but after this pictures, in my head the first though was "ohh boy, she is hot" sometimes is hard see something when you are used to watch other.

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