Helen Flanagan's Beauty Secrets

Helen FlanaganSo what is Helen Flanagan's favourite perfume?

Helen told Fabulous magazine, "I love the Cacharel perfume Amor Amor. The smell reminds me of boys, house parties and being at school when everyone wore it."

She said about her hair:

"My naturally curly hair is damaged from using hair straighters and dyeing it black for the part of Rosie Webster. I use Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment which helps repair and re-moisturise it. It's a miracle worker."

And finally Helen's skin:

"I used to have severe acne. My doctor prescribed Accutane tablets and now my skin is completely clear. I love md formulations Facial Cleanser because I never get a spot when I use it."


Anonymous said...

My name is Al Race and i would like to show you my personal experience with Accutane.

I have taken for 5 months.I am 18 years old. It was slightly helpful to me, and for that, it was worth it. I have one month yet to go. When I started, face was real bad. Plain ugly. Its definitely gotten better, but there are alot of small but noticable darkspots that just dont seem to fade, I’m hoping they will yet; I’ve heard many people see major improvement after they stop the drug. I hope that’s me. It’s helped me emotionally, because everyday I wake up and think 'I gotta take my accutane!' thinking it will help. And it has, even if its not completely gone. One thing I reccomend is swimming while on the drug. The combination of accutane and chlorine on your face will dry it out significantly and promote new skin growth. Its helped me alot; I try and swim almost every day!

Side Effects :
Lips were pretty damn dry. Always carry chapstick. My lips are out of shape towards the corners of my mouth, real screwed up, I dont know why. Other than that, nothin serious, maybe tiredeness, but hey-I’m a teenager. No noticibale mood changes or depression thats different from the norm, but like I said, I’m a teen. Occasional brief minor rash, a little sore back, but thats all for me.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Al Race

Accutane Side Effects

Accutane generic said...

This medication is awesome! It improved the quality of my life with NO side effects other than a temporary case of chapped lips.