Helen Flanagan To Move On From Coronation Street

Helen Flanagan sexy pose showing her legs
So it looks as if Helen Flanagan will be leaving Coronation Street at the end of the year to move to Wales to be with her boyfriend Scott Sinclair, the Swansea footballer. She'll become a fully fledged WAG.

Helen said, "I have played Rosie for more than half my life and I feel the time has come for me to move on and try something new. I am very excited about what the future might hold for me. I have loved playing Rosie and during my time growing up on Corrie."

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Helen Flanagan's Agent Provocateur Cleavage

Helen Flanagan cleavage in an Agent Provocateur dress
Helen Flanagan displaying her cleavage in an Agent Provocateur dress priced at £525. Her footballing boyfriend was well pleased.

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Helen Flanagan In A Small Bikini

Helen Flanagan small bikini
We haven't seen much of Helen Flanagan on Coronation Street recently but the photo shows a lot of her instead.

Helen is in her itsy bitsy bikini and is showing off her, erm, new shorter hairstyle, as well as, erm, her lovely smile. Oh and her boobs are looking great too, didn't notice at first.

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Helen Flanagan Short Hair But Big Cleavage

Helen Flanagan new look hair and cleavage
Helen Flanagan with her new look Rosie Webster of Coronation Street. She piles on the lipstick squeezes into an exceedingly tight dress while exposing a healthy, nicely rounded cleavage. Not everyone seems to like her new look but she certainly seems happy and sexy!


Helen Flanagan Set To Return To Coronation Street

Helen Flanagan
Look out, look out Helen Flanagan is set to return to Coronation Street after a three month break, well she's been doing since she was nine - acting on Corrie that is. And what's more she'll have a new look.