Helen Flanagan And Her Push-Up Bra

Helen Flanagan Push-up Bra
Helen Flanagan push-up bra
Helen Flanagan has been talking about how she gets that cleavage on Coronation Street for her Rosie Webster character. It's all down (or should that be up?) to a push-up bra

She said, "Wearing a really, really short skirt and a really, really low top with a push-up bra does get me into character. But to be honest, I dress a bit like that anyway."


Helen Flanagan Nominated As Best Bitch

Helen Flanagan Cleavage
Helen Flanagan Best Cleavage
Helen Flanagan has been nominated as Best Bitch at the launch of the 2008 Inside Soap Awards. Pity there isn't a Best Cleavage award! Coronation Street was nominated in every category.

The photo shows helen at a behind the scenes photoshoot for the awards.

If you are a soap fan you can vote for all of the soap categories here.


Helen Flanagan's Rosie Gets Kidnapped

Sexy Helen Flanagan picAs we know John Stape is back in Coronation Street and there will be a strong storyline featuring Helen Flanagan' s character Rosie Webster.

John wants to win back Fizz and has, by chance, inherited an isolated farmhouse - his gran died. He manages to persuade Fizz to spend the night with him there but his attention then turns to Rosie Webster once more.

John kidnaps Rosie and holds her hostage. Following this there are, what has been described as, 'shocking scenes.'

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Helen Flanagan Picture

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan in a glamour pose. Photo taken from a Tony Fisher photo shoot.


Helen Flanagan Poster

Helen Flanagan Poster

This is a Helen Flanagan poster available to USA fans from IcePoster. They have over 250,000 images for photos and posters of celebrities etc.


Helen Flanagan Photo From 2000

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan school girl 2000It's a much different sort of Helen Flanagan photo today.

The photo on the right shows how Helen looked back in 2000 when she first joined Coronation Street as Rosie Webster. It hardly seems the same person.


Rosie Webster Has An Evil Streak Says Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan as Rosie WebsterAs well as the Rosie Webster and Fiz Brown, John Stape story Helen Flanagan's character will also play a part in the Coronation Street Liam, Carla and Maria triangle.

Helen says, "Rosie is the only one who can match Carla on the bitch stakes, She's a young Carla in the making.

Like Carla she's not afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. She has an evil streak."

As regard Rosie getting a man in Coronation Street Helen reckons, "There's no one for her at the moment. They're either too old like Tony, or too stupid like Jason. She doesn't actually like men too much. I feel sorry for anyone who stands in her way."


Helen Flanagan Likes To Show Off Her Cleavage

It looks as if Helen Flanagan will carry on delighting male viewers as she recently said, "I think curvy is sexy."

She also revealed that she would prefer to show off her cleavage than her legs. Again more good news for Coronation Street fans.

She told New! magazine:
"I'm naturally slim and a size 10. If I've got a special occasion coming up, I'll cut down and eat healthily, but otherwise I'm happy the size I am. Last year I was a size 8, but I think it's so much sexier to be curvy.

Size 10 is my comfortable weight. I'm also aware that I have to be responsible. There are young girls watching me and I'd hate it for a girl to think I was skinny on TV and that she wanted to look the same. That's not healthy.

I like to dress sexily, but I prefer pencil skirts to short ones. And I think it's nice to
show off your cleavage. Women have boobs, and as long as it's done tastefully I think it looks lovely and sexy - it makes you look like a woman, not a boy!"

Helen Flanagan Cleavage Photos From Coronation Street

Helen Flanagan as Rosie Webster storms out of her house in Coronation Street and gets all of the male viewers glued to their television sets.

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Rosie Webster cleavage
Helen Flanagan low cut top


Rosie Webster Wants A Businessman Says Helen Flanagan

The Coronation Street story has a shock for Rosie Webster this week as her ex-teacher and lover John Stape arrives back on the scene.

Rosie, of course played by Helen Flanagan, thinks he's there to rekindle their passionate relationship but she's go it all wrong.

Stape is there for Fiz Brown and not her.

As Helen explains though Rosie has moved on anyway, "She wants to bag herself a businessman; someone with lots of money who can buy her espensive presents."

Helen Flanagan's character defintely wouldn't now settle for a dowdy school teacher, she's after something a lot more glamorous and interesting.

It's all on Coronation Street this week.

Helen Flanagan In A Yellow Low Cut Dress

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan in a yellow low cut dress and looking every inch the celebrity. helen and Rosie seem to be merging into one.

Helen Flanagan Video From October 2007

Going back in time to October of 2007 and here we see Helen Flanagan as Rosie Webster. The video shows off Helen's cleavage in the low cut white top that started getting her noticed on Coronation Street.

Helen Flanagan In Fine Form


Helen Flanagan Says: I'm Happy To Flaunt It

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan low cut dress
So what does Helen Flanagan think about dressing sexily for the Rosie Webster role? When asked about this Helen replied:
"Girls do dress quite sexily. It’s not to get attention from men – it just makes you feel good.
If you dress sexy, you feel sexy. I’m really quite comfortable with my body and I’m happy to flaunt it. Why not?"

Helen Flanagan Cleavage In Black Low Cut Dress

Helen Flanagan Cleavage
Helen Flanagan low cut dress
Helen Flanagan out of her Coronation Street clobber and wearing a low cut black dress that shows off her impressive cleavage.
Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan Inside Soap Awards
A photo from the past showing Helen Flanagan at the Inside Soap Awards on 26th of September 2006.

How Helen Flanagan And Rosie Webster Changed

Helen Flanagan in school outfitThe big change in the appearance and manner of the soap character Rosie Webster came about over the Christmas period of 2007.

At the time Helen Flanagan said of Rosie, the role she played in Coronation Street:
"About three months ago Rosie suddenly became aware that she had a woman’s body and wanted to dress sexily.Wearing a really, really short skirt and a really, really low top with a push-up bra does get me into character. But to be honest, I dress a bit like that anyway."
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A Dramatic Helen Flanagan Cleavage Moment

A dramatic scene as Rosie Webster in Coronation Street but Helen Flanagan still has her cleavage in place to the delight of male soap watchers.

Helen Cleavage cleavage

Helen Flanagan Cleavage

Helen Flanagan in the top that saw the best cleavage on Coronation Street since Elsie Tanner many, many years ago.

Helen Flanagan cleavage

From Rosie To Helen Flanagan Coronation Street Sex Symbol

From playing the schoolgirl Rosie Webster suddenly Helen Flanagan changed dramatically into the sexy siren of Coronation Street. This was one of the photos that captured the minds of soap watchers.

Helen Flanagan