Helen Flanagan's Cleavage To Stay In Coronation Street

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Fans of Helen Flanagan will be pleased to know that she has no plans to leave her role of Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.

Helen said, "I feel so lucky to be in Coronation Street and to have been given the opportunity when I was little to grow up as part of such an amazing institution.

My goal is just to be a successful actress.

Coronation Street is everything I've known. I can't imagine leaving."

Helen said of Rosie's new job as a promotions girl, "This is the perfect career for Rosie, she is like so many girls out there who read the celeb mags every week and want to be like Katie Price or celebs from shows like Big Brother. She's playing to her strengths, she was never cut out to be a businesswoman."

Helen Flanagan Pics. Pics and bio of Helen Flanagan and in her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.


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