Helen Flanagan Switching On Banbury

Helen Flanagan boobs
Banbury town have announced that Helen Flanagan will switch on their Christmas lights on November 28th. Not sure if she'll be posing as per the photo - probably not! There will also be music at Banbury plus a Michael Jackson tribute band.

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Helen Flanagan Gets Tied To The Bed

Helen Flanagan Tied To a Bed
Helen Flanagan tied up to a bed
One to dream about: Helen Flanagan tied to a bed by her arms and legs, and she seems to be loving it - you'll be able to see more on November 1st.

The photo is Helen, wearing her lingerie, for a new DVD A Knight's Tale which is to celebrate Coronation Street's 50th anniversary.

The kinky bondage action is part of Rosie Webster's new red hot relationship with Jason Grimshaw. In the DVD a love triangle forms between Rosie, Jason and a plastic surgeon called Uri.

On Coronation Street Rosie and Jason seem to think they could be the next Jordan and Alex Reid, and this all happens after the couple take part in a steamy photo session.

Looks like we may be seeing a lot more of Helen Flanagan ... in several different ways, which can't be bad!

A Knight's TaleA Knights Tale: order your copy of the DVD now.

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Sultry Helen Flanagan Cleavage

Helen Flanagan basque cleavage
A basque wearing Helen Flanagan, making the most of her cleavage, in a sultry Rosie Webster pose from Coronation Street.

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First Class Travel For Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan is snapped in a first class train compartment wearing a tight white
vest style top with a hint of cleavage and a big smile.

Helen, as Rosie Webster, is on her way by steam train to Roy and Hayley's Coronation Street wedding. This will be shown on television this summer.

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Helen Flanagan Fancies Striker Scott Sinclair

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Scott SinclairIt looks as if Helen Flanagan is heading for WAG territory once again. She's been seen with the 20 year old Wigan striker Scott Sinclair. He's on loan to them from Chelsea, where he didn't quite live up to expectations.

The couple have been dating, for want of a better word, since December.

Helen likes her footballers and had dabbled with Manchester City defenders Reece Wabara and Micah Richards but this time fancies a striker.

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Helen Flanagan's Cleavage To Stay In Coronation Street

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Fans of Helen Flanagan will be pleased to know that she has no plans to leave her role of Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.

Helen said, "I feel so lucky to be in Coronation Street and to have been given the opportunity when I was little to grow up as part of such an amazing institution.

My goal is just to be a successful actress.

Coronation Street is everything I've known. I can't imagine leaving."

Helen said of Rosie's new job as a promotions girl, "This is the perfect career for Rosie, she is like so many girls out there who read the celeb mags every week and want to be like Katie Price or celebs from shows like Big Brother. She's playing to her strengths, she was never cut out to be a businesswoman."

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