Helen Flanagan To Miss Out On Free Food

Helen Flanagan and Tupele DorguWhat a fuss! Coronation Street actors are said to be furious that the catering van, which dishes out free food to them, will disappear as from Friday.

The likes of Helen Flanagan will have to go to Granada's canteen instead and - gasp! - will have to queue up and buy their own food!

It is said that, "The whole cast are up in arms — they’re absolutely furious."

Personally I have only one word to say about that - tough!

Sometimes soap actors need a dose of reality - even the lovely Helen! That's her with Tupele Dorgu at the free nosh catering van.

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Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster Isn't Pregnant

Rosie Webster
Helen Flanagan as Rosie Webster
Coronation Street's Kevin and Sally Webster get it all wrong when they find a used pregnancy test kit. They obviously fear the worst and assume it must be wayward daughter, Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster character, who's been careless.

But no, they are wrong. Rosie tells them, "I know I get blamed for everything around here, but you have two daughters and this has nothing to do with me."

The question is: Is 14 year old Sophie Webster pregnant? Or maybe it's a cry for attention.

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