Photo Of Helen Flanagan In Her Bra

Helen Flanagan bra and cleavage
Helen Flanagan reckons she won't talk about her love life in the future. She came to this conclusion following her break up with Daniel Scott earlier this year. Helen said, "Even if I did meet someone, I would keep it to myself now - I feel it was a bit of a mistake to talk about it last time, you need to keep something back."

As for her future life Helen commented, "I'm really happy, but maybe I would like to be a bit more settled. Settling down with someone is lovely, so long as you keep your independence."

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Helen Flanagan Topless Photo

Helen Flanagan topless photo
Helen Flanagan squeezes her boobs
Helen Flanagan big cleavage
So Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster wants to become a glamour model.

The top photo shows Helen Flanagan topless, following a glamour shoot, then comes Rosie Webster's cleavage and finally Helen / Rosie squeezes her boobs together for a maximum cleavage display. No wonder Coronation Street is now getting more male viewers!

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Helen Flanagan - The New Jordan!

Helen Flanagan cleavage
So it appears that Helen Flanagan's character, Rosie Webster, wants to be Coronation Street's Jordan / Katie Price! And this will (perhaps) be her new look.


Talk To Helen Flanagan's Boobs

Helen Flanagan has been talking about her boobs - yes really, and she loves men talking to her cleavage! Well this is what she actually said:

"I'm really proud of my boobs. I never had boobs when I was young, so I'm grateful I've got a voluptuous chest now. It has a lot of power! Guys always talk to my chest, but I find it quite endearing."

Helen also mentioned how sexy she's feeling recently, "Since I split with my boyfriend I'm having fun, feeling sexier than ever, and planning on a flirty Christmas!"

So there you go, plus she's looking for 'The One'. So if you happen to be in Manchester you never know your luck, or who/what you might end up talking to!

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Helen Flanagan Is A Good Girl

Helen Flanagan party girl
Helen Flanagan admits she likes to party, especially since she seperated from her boyfriend, but she says that she has to be careful about her alcohol intake. Helen said:

"I was drunk at a house party and threw a drink over a friend. I was mortified afterwards and cried my eyes out. I'm a good girl, but that was nasty.

I've only once gone to work with a hangover... never again. Luckily I only had one word to say, but I felt so guilty for being unprofessional."