Helen Flanagan To Dress In Tiniest Mini Skirt

Helen Flanagan Candid Photo Of Her On The Bed
Helen Flanagan candid photo on bed
At last we'll see a bit more of Helen Flanagan on Coronation Street - in more ways than one.

Her role as Rosie Webster will see her dressed in a short red skirt and a low cut blouse as she goes to meet her previous kindnapper, John Stape, in prison.

Helen says, "I'm going to dress like this because I'm strong and I'm the one that's in control. So anyway, she (Rosie) puts the tiniest little mini skirt on and the highest heels, goes up and shows him who's boss."

John is impressed, well he would be, and tells her he's going to give her £150,000! Could all lead to something interesting.

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Helen Flanagan Showing Off Her Cleavage

Two photos today for Helen Flanagan cleavage watchers!

Here's Helen in the back of a car wearing a very low cut blue dress, which shown off her cleavage to the maximum.

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Helen Flanagan sexy cleavage picture
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