Helen Flanagan Splits With Boyfriend

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan has split from boyfriend Daniel Scott about whom she had previously said, "He's the love of my life. It was a bit quick but we're pretty much inseparable now."

Helen hasn't talked of the split or made any comment as yet but Daniel said, "I'm really down about it. We split up a week ago. It was a mutual decision and no one else was involved."

The couple were living together in a flat close to the Coronation Street studios. Helen has been upset while working and is said by a friend to be 'devastated'.

Helen Flanagan Pictures.

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Helen Flanagan To Strip To Underwear

Helen Flanagan cleavageIt seems like we'll be seeing Helen Flanagan in her underwear again as Rosie Webster in Coronation Street.

Reports say her outfit will be even more revealing than 'that' corset she wore to try and seduce Tony.

Rosie will be flashing herself to ex lover Luke, played by the lucky Craig Kelly.

Helen said, "I can't wait but I hope my real boyfriend Daniel understands. Everyone else can look but he's the only one allowed to touch."

Helen Flanagan Pictures. Pics and bio of Helen Flanagan and in her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.

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Helen Flanagan Shoes Off Her Legs In Hotpants And High Heels

Helen Flanagan legs in hot pants
Helen Flanagan shows off her legs when her Coronation Street character, Rosie Webster, cleans her sports car. Wearing hotpants and high heels Helen looks dressed for, er, car cleaning.

Helen Flanagan Pictures.